Kick off the New Year by implementing a Scalable on Demand Sales as a Services team

//Kick off the New Year by implementing a Scalable on Demand Sales as a Services team

Kick off the New Year by implementing a Scalable on Demand Sales as a Services team

With 2015 in well in the rear view mirror and 2016 upon us.  We are seeing a rise in the demand for Sales Tools, Enablement, Acceleration and other Technologies that will come to the aid of the Sales Executive in the modern age.

What has been the highest priority is having the right Sales Human Capital. As much as companies look to automate the whole World of Sales, nothing is more important than having the right Sales Team and Leadership in place. Fundamentally it is having the Human to Human interaction at certain points through the Sales process that ultimately leads to a closed won opportunity.  As much as we want to point to technology, it is the B2B Sales Person that closes on average 75% of all Enterprise Sales Deals.

Many B2B companies plan on hiring due to their explosive revenue growth in 2015 and look to knocking it out of the park in the New Year.

Sales Staffing and Hiring is a big component of many companies’ plans. Most companies typically choose the traditional model of hiring, training and getting their newly acquired Sales Rep up to speed in 6 Mos. or less.  If they don’t work out then they fire them, and repeat the above process.  It is very expensive and time consuming. Most companies need their Sales and Leadership Team in place yesterday; it’s unfortunate that Sales is an afterthought.

Some companies may even choose on hiring an outside Recruiter to find them prospective candidate(s).  Letting them sift through resumes of folks that may or may not be available for hire.  Many prospective candidates may even be very happy in their current role and only go through the exercise with the recruiter simply to appease them.  This causes frustrations all around, it’s ineffective and does not work in today’s “On Demand” society.

Yet again, some companies even go to the more expensive route and bring on a Recruiter in house just to help them find even more prospective candidates.  This adds to your overhead, benefits and payroll. What a nightmare!

I personally have sat in all of those seats mentioned above and truly believe there is a better way to address building a Sales and Leadership Team.

We have all witnessed the powerful disruption that the ‘On Demand’ or Uber of X Economy can bring with it.

My Partner and I have modeled Gravity Sales Development after the Uber,  Airbnb,  and other  ‘On Demand’ models for the Sales World. This allows companies to be lean nimble, scale and grow without the worry of going through the above expensive exercise only to wind up not having the right Sales Exec or Sales Leader in the end. What’s even worse is the expense of it all.

Gravity is designed to grow as you grow, need additional Sales Resources we can scale them up as your project allows or back in slower periods.  Our team is trained in all of the current sales tools and technologies.

Gravity maintains both an In House W2 Professional Sales team as well as a team of Contracted Sales Leaders On Demand when you need them.

No waiting, No going through the frivolous exercises with a recruiter only to find their star prospect is not available.

All of our team members are employees of Gravity Sales Development. If you absolutely love our team member (Sorry we are partial to every member) we can work on a cost effective conversion fee process to your environment at less than the cost that a recruiter would charge.

Need to hire 5 Inside Sales Reps tomorrow that knows their way around Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, or other enterprise platform.  Need a Sales Leader that has more connections than your local Politician. Need help with putting a Sales and Marketing plans together, Multi Touch Sales Campaign,  Sales Workflows, or even resources to replace your CRM systems. Your VP of Sales out on Medical Leave, your Sales Director left unannounced yes we can help with all of that.  Your CEO just skipped Bail, Sorry we can’t help with that

By implementing Gravity as your trusted partner to help with your Scalable Sales Team needs you can not only save money but in addition get the right Scalable Sales Team member when you need them.

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