Hear That Rumble? That’s the Sales Industry Undergoing a Seismic Shift

//Hear That Rumble? That’s the Sales Industry Undergoing a Seismic Shift

Hear That Rumble? That’s the Sales Industry Undergoing a Seismic Shift

The sales industry is undergoing a huge transformational shift, leveraging and consuming more technology than ever before.

Gone are the days of pounding pavement where all you needed was a really good reliable car and a solid Rolodex of prospects. (Yes, my beater was a hand-me-down from the wife, the caveat was the wife got a new set of wheels, a pair of class A dress shoes while I got to know my cobbler on a first-name basis.)

While many of the basics and principles are there from yesteryear, there are new tools designed to boost efficiency, productivity, accelerate growth and increase revenue per sale, allowing reps to sign deals faster, and for sales professionals to work anywhere on call 24×7.

Many of these modern sales tools were unthinkable when I first got my start in sales over 20 years ago at a computer mail-order company called PC Connection.

Today, the most innovative tools a sales professional could possibly need are available at the push of a button.

Want to take sales on the road? Zipcar lets you ride in style. Just landed? Uber and Lyft can pick you up and roll you to your destination with no panic about parking (although there are tools for that too: Smooth Parking and ParkWhiz).

Need to make a call literally anywhere? Verizon Wireless has never left me hanging. (I suggest washing your hands first before taking that awkward call in the men’s room.)

We even have cloud-based CRM platforms from Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, to upstarts like Zoho that track and organize all of our leads, accounts and opportunities.

The cyber gods blessed the sales industry when they created DocuSign, EchoSign and PandaDoc for contract signing via email and managing agreements post-sale. Tools from ToutApp and Yesware manage emails, and GoToMeeting enables global conferencing in your sweats or jammies.

Then there are presentation and collaboration tools like ClearSlide and Align Meeting. To generate lead lists, companies like Data.com, Seamless Contacts, and ZoomInfo are your go-tos. Don’t want to ruin that manicure? InsideSales.com, ConnectAndSell and ConnectLeader dial for you.

Want to know who your competitors have for customers? My friends at Datanyze and HG Data again can help a sales brother out.

But not all business is virtual. Need clothes for that all-important face time with the big boss? Trunk Club and Five Four Club got you covered–although personally, I’m not ready to give up on my fashionista wife just yet.

Want a close shave? You can’t forget a clean shave from Dollar Shave Club. I highly recommend the 4x blade or, if you’re feeling really smug, get the Executive.

What’s the best time to call a prospect? Lattice Engines and our boys down under at CareCube dish up the secret sauce. (Here’s another hint: the best time is alwaysbefore your competitor does.)

With the advent of the on-demand, sharing economy, now is the best time for companies and colleagues of mine in the sales industry to embrace yet another shift: sales as a service, aka sales reps on demand.

While the Gravity Sales Development team does use the most innovative sales acceleration, connection, and targeting technology mentioned above, our focus is on providing top-quality outcomes, from next generation lead generation to comprehensive business development projects, for our clients.

Want a team that can work with you from start to finish, and leverage many of the above tools, without having to subsidize a sales team, or purchase and license cutting-edge tech tools yourself? Give me a call! I’d love to learn about your challenges.

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