Education-Based Marketing: You have to Give to Get

B2B and B2C: Sharing your knowledge increases your value Advertising legend David Ogilvy provided a great example of how generously giving away some of your industry knowledge and expertise can lead to increased sales opportunities. Beginning in the late 1960s, Ogilvy launched a series of "house" ads giving detailed instructions on how to create ads [...]

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How ‘Just One Thing’ Led to a Wave of CSR

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.” That was the idea behind New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility’s (NHBSR) Just One Thing initiative, to create awareness and promote a mission of sustainability and environmental responsibility in businesses of any and every size. We asked NHBSR members to submit video entries to maximize engagement [...]

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Kick off the New Year by implementing a Scalable on Demand Sales as a Services team

With 2015 in well in the rear view mirror and 2016 upon us.  We are seeing a rise in the demand for Sales Tools, Enablement, Acceleration and other Technologies that will come to the aid of the Sales Executive in the modern age. What has been the highest priority is having the right Sales Human [...]

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The 12 Days of Sales Planning for 2016

Hey, haven’t you heard? 2015 is coming to an end! While some may be thinking of the 12 days of Christmas with sugar plums dancing in their heads, 2016 is literally days away. Many in sales, marketing and operational leadership roles are still adding final touches to their sales teams’ 2016 budgets, plans, goals, tools, [...]

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Hear That Rumble? That’s the Sales Industry Undergoing a Seismic Shift

The sales industry is undergoing a huge transformational shift, leveraging and consuming more technology than ever before. Gone are the days of pounding pavement where all you needed was a really good reliable car and a solid Rolodex of prospects. (Yes, my beater was a hand-me-down from the wife, the caveat was the wife got [...]

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