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About Gravity Group NE

Founded in 2016, Gravity Group NE brings high standards, knowledge, tools and technologies to the sales and marketing industries.

We’re located in the hub of Manchester, NH and our executive team has decades of experience in marketing, branding, sales, sales training, sales management and transparent reporting to leadership stakeholders.

Our B2B clients range from angel-invested start-ups, established SMB and Fortune 500 companies.

Lisa Landry
Lisa LandryCommander/Managing Director
Lisa is a 25-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry. As Creative Director and Principal of Savvy Workshop, the multi-channel B2B marketing firm she founded in 2013, Lisa has designed and executed hundreds of multi-touch, C-Level, B2B marketing campaigns. She developed numerous successful campaigns that brought measurable results. She recognized that, when sales and marketing are not aligned, the results will often be disappointing. She founded Gravity Group New England in 2016 to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and to support clients to better execute on creating brand awareness, lead development, nurturing and lead follow up, moving prospects down the sales funnel and creating more closed deals. More appointments mean more conversations. More conversations mean more deals. More deals mean that her clients will get the return they need on each and every marketing campaign they invest in. Gravity Group lives by its KPIs.